Opinion on Healthcare Law "Ads" Up in Dollars and Cents

Yesterday, an interesting New York Times article tied the nation’s opinion of the Affordable Care Act to the amount of money spent on advertising by its opponents.  According to a recent New York Times/CBS News poll, more than two thirds of Americans hope the court will overturn some or all of it.

Just prior to the Supreme Court hearings on the law in March, Kantar Media’s Campaign Media Analysis Group released a report breaking down the percentage of money spent on ads by opponents and proponents.  The result?

“Since July 1, 2011, more than $39 million has been spent on ads about the law—with opponents outspending supporters by more than 2:1, or $27,064,180 to $12,046,850.”

These near-equal ratios speak not only to the impact of advertising, but perhaps to why the majority of Americans are against the healthcare law.  Twice as much money is spent on ads telling us to be against the law, or to present adverse effects than the amount of money spent on ads telling us to be in favor of the law, or to present its benefits.

Take the example in the New York Times’ article, which points out a common misunderstanding of the law:

“Ms. Losse, 33, a part-time worker at a bagel shop, is no fan of the law, which will require millions of uninsured Americans like herself to get health coverage by 2014. Never mind that Ms. Losse, who makes less than $35,000 a year, would probably qualify for subsidized insurance under the law.

“I’m positive I can’t afford it,” she said.”

Whether or not advertising has an effect on the Supreme Court decision, though, is another story.  The court could decide on healthcare any day now, and their decision to support the law, reject the law, or throw some of it out while allowing certain parts will happen regardless of the money spent on ads.

The Supreme Court only has one day left on the docket to announce court decisions – and that is Monday.  While they may add one more day later next week, keep your eyes peeled for Monday morning.

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