New Medicaid Plans in 38 of 39 Counties


An announcement set to be released as soon as today from Medicaid will show which health plans from the new RFP process will be assigned to which counties after the July 1 implementation.  38 of the 39 counties were assigned at least one health plan.  The exception was Clark County, which has had an ongoing challenge connecting providers unwilling to contract with new health plans.

The topic was discussed during this morning’s Title XIX Advisory Committee, a standing meeting for distribution of Medicaid information.  During the call, Preston Cody announced that the current status of the number of counties awarded to each plan was as follows:

Plan # of Counties
 Coordinated Care  28
 United Healthcare  31
 Community Health Plan of Washington  29
 Amerigroup  16
 Molina  33

Preston Cody offered some comments in response to questions regarding Clark County, saying “We’re still working to determine whether we have an adequate network in Clark County.”

Cody said contracted plans have the ability to expand to additional service areas.  Medicaid received two requests to expand into Clark County.  He said they were still reviewing the expansion based on “quality, performance, policies and rates.”

“We still the reviewing requests because those requests came in very late.  We hope to have a final announcement as soon as possible.  But we have some pretty complicated issues that we’re working through.  It could be a matter of a couple of weeks, on the outside.”

The Columbian has a story on the Clark County issue this morning.


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