"My Care" Series Launched By HHS To Support Reform

In advance of the 2 year anniversary of the federal health reform bill, the Dept. of Health and Human Services has launched a video series called “My Care.”  The series is an attempt to collect personal stories about how the health care bill has helped regular people addressed health care insecurities.  Sec. Sebelius released a video statement on the initiative saying:

We’ve collected a few powerful stories from around the country of people who have already been helped by the law.  I’ve been moved by them and I think you will be too.”

The stories, released daily, appear to be targeted almost entirely at women.  While only two narratives have been released, an introductory video provides snippets of a six other videos.  All eight are women speakers, three of which are African American.  Cost is a theme throughout many of the comments.

On its face, this makes a lot of sense:  women are the primary health care decision makers in America.  Cost continues to be a primary challenge in health care, but more importantly, many of the reform bill’s primary beneficiaries are lower income individuals and families.

That the video series seems to be speaking directly to those demographic cohorts doesn’t surprise me – nor does the absence of any white male speakers surprise me.  However, that said, it’s a pretty direct PR effort that in no way tries to color this as general public education.  This is a targeted effort.

Of the two released, the more impactful of the two is listed below.  It was released today, but appears to only have garnered 318 views as of this writing.

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