The Columbian, the daily paper based in Clark County, ran a story in today’s paper on CUP losing the bid for the Medicaid contract.  It’s a broad look with some interesting tidbits.

The authority set target reimbursement rates for each region in the state based on historical data and assumptions about future cost reductions and increases. The bid request also gave a cost range for bids. For most regions, the range for Healthy Options services was from 3 percent above to 3 percent below the target rate, Wheelock said.

But not Clark County. Clark County was not grouped with other counties, and the local range was from 3 percent above the target rate to 12 percent below, she said.

“The state was essentially inviting other plans to come in and low-ball the bid,” Wheelock said.

The Health Care Authority’s bid request said it thought there could be significant cost savings in Clark County, chiefly from physician reimbursement, Orth said.

“One of our concerns is they singled out Clark County for this bid process,” Orth said.

Primarily, she said, it’s because CUP reimburses physicians at a rate higher than the state average.

You can read the full story here.

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