While things continue to look bleak in the Puget Sound economy (thanks for the depressing news, Seattle Times, really needed that), health care continues to be an employment harbor in a difficult storm.

Today, the Office of the National Coordinator for HIT sent out an interesting job of Policy Analyst.

This position is responsible for managing and coordinating activities associated with the development of health information exchange at the state level. Specific duties include the following: Manage and coordinate activities associated with the development of health information exchange at the state level; Assist stakeholders that are addressing program and policy issues related to health information technology(IT) and health information exchange to meet program and policy objectives; Serve as Project Officer providing project management oversight for grantees; Monitor the local health care community, including patients, providers and payors;

Good pay, and as it turns out, you get to live in one of the only parts of the country where home values are moving upwards:  Washington DC.

If you’re looking for a job in the northwest, however, David Peel over at Washington Health Care News has the best list of opportunities around.

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