ANHC Hosts Open House For New Building

Last week, Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center (ANHC) held an open house for its new facility.  In sum, about 100 members of the Anchorage health community came to tour the new facility.Len Stewart, the CEO of ANHC, was on hand along with other staff providing guests with insights about the new location.

The details of the new capacity for care at the facility are impressive in and of themselves.

–  12 current providers, expanding to 15 upon completion
–  Will house the only tomography machine for 3D breast imaging, the result of a $650,000 grant from the Rasmuson Foundation
–  Going from 2 to 4 dentists, expanding to 10 dental care rooms
–  The project is coming in about $500,000 under budget
–  Increasing from 105 to 150 employees

The most impressive element of the new facility, however, is the care taken to make sure the work flow and spatial arrangements put the patient at the center of care

This image is taken from the center of the exam floor.  This looks through clear glass provider work areas, which are surrounded on all sides by exam rooms.

The glass allows for clear line of site of various providers, all of which can move easily back and forth between exam rooms.  So, rather than move patients from one wing to another to get different kinds of care, different specialists can join with family care doctors to be able to support patient engagement.

Natural lighting flows with tall windows in the exam rooms housed on the second floor.  Relights above the walls allow for the light to spread throughout the area.

Two sizes of exam rooms were designed with families in mind.  Some rooms were built exceptionally large so that entire families can fit inside.  With many immigrant families, the entire family will want to be present during care.  This room design helps facilitate that.

In health care, it is so often the smallest detail that makes all of the difference.

At ANHC, it is clear they have spent considerable time thinking through the little things when it comes to both patient care and the layout of their new facility.


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